Colorful Outfits For Baisakhi, Bihu & Other Spring Festivals

Colorful Outfits For Baisakhi, Bihu & Other Spring Festivals

Cheers to the spring bloom- the onset of delightful days!

Spring is the season most of us look forward to it’s the time of the year when the winter chill gives way to new sunshine, a moment that the earth rejoices with fresh greenery and floral bursts.

In the Indian culture, it is also the season for harvest- marking the end of a crop cycle that turns up as a series of regional festivities. From Vaisakhi bringing in moments of fun and frolic in the Northern region to the Puthandu festival down South, the harvest celebration calls for a series of community rituals across the country.

Marking the Solar New Year- the day is also an auspicious time from the astrological lens- the time for new beginnings and the summer wedding season!

The success of the spring harvest takes up beautiful versions wrapped in cultural richness- with an abundance of socializing! That brings us to the prima need- a wardrobe refresh with new ethnic and fusion wear.

Vaisakhi: The Northern Spring Festival

This festival is a glorious time for the Sikh community. It marks the foundation of the Khalsa group by the 10th Guru of the religious community- Guru Gobindh Singh. The day also holds a higher significance of bravery and courage put together by the Sikhs against the Mughals enforcing Islamic conversions of Hindus.

Hence in Punjab, the occasion stands as one of the prime festivals, giving routines a delightful break for a few days. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is one of the most extraordinary places to witness at this time of the year.

The place holds festivities for thousands of devotees that turn up decked up in traditional costumes like traditional Punjabi salwar kameez, Patiala suits, and trendier versions of the ethnic ensemble. The pervasive dress code for men is colorful churidar kurta sets and the staple turban.

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